Ribbon of Poppies

UK & Commonwealth

The aim of this annual campaign is to raise community awareness, especially that of the younger generation, regarding the impact of conflicts on previous generations through various interactive projects.

Sowing the seeds of Remembrance is a simple way to engage with young people. This will help them understand and recognise the sacrifice made by the British, Commonwealth and Allied Forces and ensure that their bravery, both past and present, is never forgotten.

As we commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE/VJ Day this year’s Ribbon of Poppies UK & Commonwealth campaign has already had pledges from Scout, Cub, Guide, Brownie, Boys Brigade and Cadet groups across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as a number of schools, councils and community organisations.

In addition we would ask you to consider planting out verges and hedgerows with wild flowers, incorporating the poppy, so that people travelling through your area will be reminded daily of the sacrifice paid so that we can live in peace.

Permission may need to be obtained to plant in these areas but cutting less, cutting later will save your council money and it will also help bring back the multitude of bees, butterflies, birds and bugs that are sadly disappearing from our countryside.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ribbon of Poppies UK & Commonwealth

"Sowing the seeds of Remembrance - Generation to Generation"

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It is then time to consider planting your poppy seeds.

When are poppy seeds planted?

Sow poppy seeds directly into your garden in spring or autumn. If you’re planting early in the year, usually between March and May. Sow between the end of August and October for flowering the following season.

Where can i get my poppy seeds?

Poppy seeds can be purchased from any local garden centre.

Alternatively you can opt to support our legacy and educational projects. Our poppy seeds are available from our online store by clicking the links below.

Every penny donated will be used to further the aims of our charity.

Can you provide a pro-forma invoice?

If your organisation require a pro-forma invoice to purchase poppy seeds please email [email protected]



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Once you pledge your support a poppy will be added to out map.

Flowers of Remembrance

Red Poppy

Papaver Rhoeas, or more commonly known as Flanders Poppy, in memorial to those brave young men killed in World War I, and the Poppy that inspired the Poppies we wear in Remembrance of those killed in all wars and conflicts.

Purple Poppy

The purple poppy is a symbol of remembrance in the United Kingdom for animals that served during wartime. The symbol was created in 2006. based on the principle of the traditional red remembrance poppy for Remembrance Day.


Tiny forget-me-not flowers have a special meaning in Newfoundland and Labrador where they are often worn as symbols of remembrance. Newfoundlanders traditionally observed Memorial Day on July 1st each year.


During WW2 occupation of her country, Her Royal Highness Queen Wilhelmina sought refuge in the United Kingdom. The daisy held special significance for her as it had been blooming in Holland when the country was invaded.

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