Ancre Somme Association



Honorary Members

Andy Allen MLA


I  first  met  members  of  the  Ancre Somme Association a number of years ago  and  I  was  moved  by  the  passion and  commitment  they  exerted  to honour  the  men  of  the  36th  Ulster Division.  I  remember  one  particular evening vividly, on the 28th June 2014 the Association organised “The Great War  Commemoration  Parade”.  As  we waited  to  form  up  for  the  parade,  I looked around and the sight was quite remarkable,  there  were  men  dressed in  period  costume  and  I  had  to  look twice as the resemblance to the brave men  of  the  36th  Ulster  Division  was breathtaking.

Andy Davie

David Martin


Ancre Somme Association Honorary President


As Chairman of  the Friends of Brownlow  House,  I  have  been privileged  over  many  years  to  help   and  support  the  Ancre    Somme Association.


They have been extremely  active  over  the  years  promoting  our shared  history  and  highlighting  the sacrifice of our young men and women during the Great war, through drama, poetry,  written  word,  exhibitions  and festivals. I look forward to joining with them  in  2016  to  commemorate  the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.


Carla Lockhart MLA


It is an honour and a privilege to hold the role of Ambassador for the Ancre Somme Association.


In today’s society more than ever we must all play a role in remembering and educating our young people about the sacrifice paid by our serving and ex-service personnel.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to the men and women who were prepared to fight for our civil and religious liberties.


Being from Northern Ireland we think of all service personnel and innocent victims who in our own conflict paid the ultimate sacrifice whilst standing in the line of duty between law abiding citizens and terrorism.

Cllr Stephen Moutray


I first came in contact with The Ancre Somme Association some years ago as I was asked to facilitate a wreath laying event  at  the  tomb  of  Lord  Craigavon at  Parliament  Buildings,  Stormont.  


I am glad that I was able to oblige and indeed that this event has become an annual event in November each year. The  Ancre  Somme  Association  has over  the  past  few  years  developed across the province and been a catalyst for  arranging  events  and  ceremonies appropriate  to  the  Centenaries  that as  Unionists  and  Loyalists  we  wish  to mark.


It never ceases to amaze me, the planning and effort the Ancre Somme Association  makes  in  every  occasion that  it  is  involved  in.  I  am  very  proud to  be  an  Honorary  member  and  wish them all the best for the future.