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Letters From The Front is a short drama that has been produced by the members of the Ancre Somme Association in conjunction with the Engaging in Good Relations Team and funded by the Peace III Programme.


The purpose of the drama is to help educate and give an understanding of the sacrifice paid by our forefathers using our ongoing studies and research of the historical findings derived from the events preceding, surrounding and following the Battle of the Somme on the 1st July 1916

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The opening scene of the drama is set in the Harland & Wolff Shipyard in 1914 where you are introduced to the main characters in the drama in particular Big Sam Evans.


The drama follows Sam's story from a young care free boy working in the shipyard in Belfast as he grows into a man and a solider who experiences the hell that was trench warfare in France during World War One.

During the play we hear the harrowing story of Jennie who experienced the horrors of war as she volunteered as a nurse in a field hospital during World War One. As Jennie writes home we hear the powerful words sent to her mother explaining what she witnessed as she treated those injured in battle.


The phrase "going over the top" came into being in WW1 and during the drama you will see the men pray as they prepared to go over the top and cross "No Man's Land". An act that would undoubtedly see so many young men cut down in their prime.


The drama concludes with a moving tribute to all those, of all faiths, who paid the ultimate sacrifice that secured the freedoms that we have today.


This drama has now been performed to full houses in Brownlow House, Magheralin Parish Church Hall and Craigavon Civic Centre. If you would be interested in hosting our drama in your school, community centre or local hall, which can also include an exhibition and presentation, please contact us now by sending an email to [email protected]