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The dogs were trained to search the battlefields and if they found someone injured they would pick up a hat from the battlefield and return it to their handler who then send the dog out with a stretcher bearer to lead the way to the person who needed help.











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Purple Empire Poppy


The purple poppy is a symbol of remembrance in the United Kingdom for animals that served during wartime. The Empire Poppy is based on the heart shape and it is an expression of our love for the men, woman and animals who served. 


20,000 dogs serving Britain and her allies in WW1. Messenger dogs, mercy dogs, guard dogs and mascots did their bit for King and Country.


These stunning badges have been produced by the Ancre Somme Association and they are now available online. please click here.


We believe that this memorial will be a fitting memorial to those Airedale Terriers that served and for that reason we are delighted to be making a donation from each badge to the Airedale Terriers Club of Scotland Charity.


If you would like to learn more about the Airedale Terrier breed, the memorial or the fantastic work currently being undertaken by this charity please click here.















The Ancre Somme Association are proud to announce that we are supporting the Airedale Terrier Club of Scotland Breed Rescue.


This charity are currently raising funds that will enable them to erect a memorial in East Haven in memory of the Airedale Terrier.


In the Early 1900's the first Airedale Terriers were trained by Lieutenant Edwin Hautenville Richardson and Blanche Bannon. These dogs were given to the Glasgow Police Force and became the first offical police dogs in the UK.


The British Red Cross became interested in the Airedale's thats Richardson and his wife were training and asked if some could be trained for the  British Red Cross.


Local inhabitants around Carnoustie and East Haven joined in with the training of the Airedales. The would lie on the beaches between the sand dunes and the dogs would search for them. When the dog located the person, the person took their reward which was a small bottle of brandy contained in the dogs Red Cross pack.







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During World War One it became evident to the British Army that the Airedale Terriers were being used by both the German and Russian Armies and therefor they asked Lt Col Richardson to begin training dogs for the British Army. The duty of the Airedales included guard duty, carrying messages through the muddy trenches and transporting carrier pigeons. Eventually the British Army were so impressed with the work of the Airedale Terriers that a new training school was opened in Essex.

Many Airedale owners in the UK donated their Airedale Terriers to the war effort. One woman was quoted as saying "I have given my husband and sons to the war effort now i am giving my Airedale".


Acclaimed Kirriemuir sculptor Bruce Walker has taken possession of an enormous 30 tonne lump of granite to create a monument to pay tribute to the heroic actions of Airedale terriers during the First World War. Mr Walker will now spend several months hand carving the three metres squared piece of granite.


Wendy Turner (ATCS) thanked the Ancre Somme Association for their wonderful offer to support our Airedale Terrier World War One memorial fund by donating one pound from the sale of each of their purple poppy animal remembrance badges. It is wonderful to have another Charity supporting us. I am sure our members will enjoy viewing your site and contribute to the sale of the badges.


Purple Empire Poppy Badge